Today, i learned something not really new in me… but probably a confirmation of who i am in terms of what causes my annoyance.

  • I am so annoyed with dishonesty. I despise dishonest people (in a way that these people tend to make stories, sabi nga ng teacher ko noong grade school e -“story telling a lie”). Yun bang huling huli na e… hahanap pa rin ng butas.  Then i saw myself reacting and from the window looking at a bigger picture of how this lie (with the liar of course), can actually make an impact not only to me but to the person, her job and her company…. ayun, naurot ako.
  • I am still very much in touch with my principles pala… naalala ko tuloy ang aming mga awitin noon.. “Manggagawa, kayong lumilikha ng yaman ng bansa… ” . I noticed that there were times na ako na ang tinitira, o ako na ang nilalait o dinudusta  e di ako napipika at hahanap pa ako ng rason at bibigyan ng justification kung bakit kailangang gawin yon sa akin (hindi nga ako nakautang kanina sa coop namin e, kailangan daw akong interview ng loans officer , di man lang ako namukhaan ng teller kanina, gumanda siguro ako… likha ko pa naman yong inaawit nilang himno tuwing umaga sa kooperatiba…, hinayaan ko na lang, uutang na lang ako sa boss ko – bibili lang naman ako ng jetski e) pero pag yong isyus pala e patungkol sa prinsipyo at pang-aapak ng ibang tao ng walang pag-iingat o pagsasalikisik sa mga isinusulat o tinuturan … annoyed ang lola mo.  Lalo na don sa mga taong, nagmama eksperto sa mga isyus (nakabasa lang o nakarining ng konti), tas kinakarir ito, hay naku.. imbiyerna ang lolang ito.

Im on my 17th hour from my 6am travel to Bulacan, to my recently concluded concall with Canada and down to our polishing our presentation for our visitors tomorrow afternoon…. And im still on the GO….

Am i annoyed cause im still awake? NAHHHHH…. I am ann0yed, because after the dark clouds and heavy rains this afternoon comes the heat again… un!


…And we made it to the Finals!

by Jaja del Rosario

January 15, 2009 – Thursday

Good thing blogs publish dates. Else, I won’t know that two months have passed since our site made it as a semifinalist to the 11th Philippine Web Awards. The blog title was even wanting of an answer, “Can we make it to the Finals?”

Now I go big, bright and bold: YES, WE MADE IT! The year started rightly good. Fresh from the Sagada adventure and the New Year then Exchange Gift Giving Celebration, we went back to work breezing through the first official business week of the year.

The “news” was like an appetizer and the outpouring of support and encouragement from 8lien believers, the main course of our weekend. To our friends and colleagues, thanks again. Those “pat in the back” are great motivators.

With the anticipation on the FOSS Bill and us making a stand, then igniting a blast on our 8ix TeleVantage, the PhilWebbies is an added reprieve.

And here we are again, enjoining everyone to have a stand, be heard. Firstly, on the FOSS Bill, and now on the PhilWebbies. Yours may not be leaning towards our side, but a voice heard, a stand given or a ballot cast, is way much better than a shrugged shoulder.

Finalist List: http://www.philippinewebawards.com/pages/news.asp

To Vote Online: 1. Register an account here: http://www.philippinewebawards.com/pages/register.asp

2. Login using your username and password here: http://www.philippinewebawards.com/pages/login.asp

3. Go to the Official Entries list: http://www.philippinewebawards.com/member_lounge/vote.asp

4. Look for SMEs category (you won’t miss it, the SME category is last on the list) and tick/check the radio button beside 8layertech.com.

To Vote through SMS: In your cellphone,

type: WEBBYS VOTE 86 and send to 2973 for Globe and Touch Mobile (not available for Smart)

Voting is open from November 10, 2008 until a minute before midnight of February 26, 2009.


Basa. Nang maaliw at matuwa… oks ba yon?
by Willy Silorio
January 05, 2009 – Monday

After a well-spent Christmas with our loved ones, Team 8lien joined forces again, but this time, setting aside business chores and putting on our leisure suit! It’s time for Sagada!

Freeze in a Flash. The 8liens, boarding Autobus 701 left Manila on schedule, December 26, 11:30PM. The ride to Banaue was a 10-hour long trip and a cold one. (AB 701 transforms into a freezer in a blink of an eye! Commuters, beware!). And with each covered distance that got us closer to Sagada, the night became even colder. Thank goodness for stopovers as we were able to reload and unload our kidneys and intestines. And of course, do the “yosi buddy” breaks.

But in fairness, manong AB 701 bus driver was very understanding, readilly acceding to my need when I had a natural miscarriage syndrome (sa bangin walang papel!). Thanks manong driver for finding me a restroom :-).

By 9 o’clock the next day, December 27, we finally reached the Autobus Banaue terminal. While waiting for our  jeepney ride to Sagada, we had our breakfast in a “pangmarangya resto” called People’s Lodge and Restaurant. Its verandah offers a sneak view of the rice terraces, and a top view of a village and a hanging bridge.

Full and ready for the 3-hour long drive (3 and a half to be exact. We got a flat tire! But thanks to Dolphy-in-the-making Junior, the ride was a comic relief!) to Sagada, the team cramped themselves in the hired AUV. We were promised a good view of the Rice Terraces. It was a nice view alright, if not for the thick, as in cold thick fog! But again, the promise was made—Banaue will not be just a stopover the next time we take a leisure trip in 2009 (right bossings?). Yesss!

On our way to Sagada, we stopped at the Mt. Polis Store, the only store in the mountains that offers a “pay per pee” comfort rooms. There, we we couldn’t resist but to buy our Dennis Trillo & Ann Curtis drinks. Liquors at Mt. Polis Store are all “on the rocks”. The whole place is a freezer!

Heaven in the Mountains. SAGADA –  AHH! The town is a true paradise – fresh air, scenic views… and Marky Cielo look-alikes all around. I thought I was already in heaven. 🙂

Our first hour started with excitement. Mind you, we hadn’t yet started the tour. Excited we all were choosing which room to occupy. Baw-Et’s House was a good find (Thanks, Gareth!) and Baw-Et was a kind host too, making sure that we had all that we need (firewood, especially). We now know how it felt living the half-American dream, (Hehe, may chimney kasi!)

After taking our “lunchrienda” (that meal between lunch and merienda), we happily made our way down the Echo Valley and proceeded to see the hanging coffins (after passing through the “haunted” St. Mary’s Church and the town’s cemetery). It was a fat-burning activity for me, hehe. Good thing, Nanay Deng cooked a sumptuous dinner (replenishing the fats I burned, haha!) of chicken adobo and sinigang na bangus with matching organic red rice.

As the night becomes colder, our CTO/CEO/Tatay/KGC survivor (Redeye) declared “BAREK TIME”! Mere followers as we are, we can only say, “Yes, Sir!” And so it happened. The Kuya Germs Challenge Sagada Edition with two teams battling to stay un-drunk and sober: Team Dennis (Generoso advocates) and Team Anne (Gin Blue believers). Who won? Sudden death. Both bottles spent, the teams decided a truce and consumed the last bottle, Vodka. (Bitin!)

Making THE Connection. Second day, I proved to be unsuspecting. (Akala ko mamasyal lang kami sa Luneta!) While everyone was so excitedly looking forward to explore the Lumiang-Sumaguing caves, I had no choice but to give in. C’mon, this would be my first time inside a cave… and I couldn’t help but imagine myself falling down the core of the earth (scary!).

The 8liens,  less three (What misfortune they missed my bravery! Haha!), were cave guided by Lester (who became my very bestfriend… read on and you’ll find out why!), William (glub glub, yea!) and Lee (on mute mode) of SaGGAs (Sagada Genuine Guides Association).

The cave connection was a real and daring challenge, at least for me. Especially the cliff hang… that  feeling lost and trapped, me and my footage! All stood still, except my breathing… And there, like a knight in shining armor, Lester came to my rescue, with William waiting for my drastic cliff hanging finish. (Love you mga pare!) Whew! Second life, what a blessing!

The rest though became bearable, exhilirating and enjoyable even. It was bloopers time seeing Junior’s four butts and his own style of flushing himself into a cave hole (Way to go, Dolph!). At last, after countless butt-walks, shoulder-lifts (ni Lester), pusod-markings, and group shots galore, I came back to my senses in finally seeing sunlight at the end  of the Sumaguing Cave. Sunshine at last after 5 hours of ultraviolet ray deprivation!

Meanwhile, trailing behind us were Sir Meric, Miss Deng and Ate Jaja finishing in less than 3 hours! They started around 2 o’clock in the afternoon with President Reagan guiding them. (Partida daw, may sakit pa si Sir Meric!).

Sagada by Night. No, there’s no curfew in Sagada. Or else, there’s no bonfire night! After the physically challenging adventure in the caves, armed with what we thought were warm enough jackets, we venture our way to Lake Dannum for the SaGGAs-organized bonfire activity, with President Reagan driving us there.

Chillingly cold was the Sagada night, but it sure was exotically fun and truly made memorable by our team’s participation in the “talent portion” with me, Henyo, Roz and Kuya Rey’s dramatic rendition with complete gong accompaniment of We Wish you a Merry Christmas. Miss Deng, Battorney, my better-half Earl and Ate Jaja also gamely took part in the ceremonial dances.

What made the night special (and romantically warm!) though was witnessing a marriage proposal (Lourdes and Art, our heartfelt wishes and congratulations!) right by the bonfire with all of 50+ guests of us hooting and joining Art as he reached the chorus of How Did You Know. Aaaahhh, so sweet!

The bonfire night was culminated by a boodle meal of Pinikpikan, and, tantararan, 8layer winning a free tour of Sagada! The more reason for us to stage a come back. Yeess! (No cave connection for me… please!)

Returning to our lodging was another adventure. Imagine losing a tire?! Nonetheless, we were able to schedule an ALI-PAKYAW match while waiting for the rescue jeep.

For the KG (Kuya Germs) Challengers though, the night had barely started. It was then our turn to be hosts to our former guides, Lester and William. Trivias on Manila by night were shared, ringing as far as the Echo Valley.

No Goodbyes. Although we were scheduled to hike down Bomod-Ok Falls, our sore bones from the cave connection (and hangover from the KGC Part 2) prevented us from getting up from our comfortable sleeping positions. And so the whole morning of our third day in Sagada was spent shopping for pasalubongs. Battorney even gave us hand-woven coin purses, and to Sir Meric, a hairy drum. (Watch out for the doom of the drum!)

After lunching at the Municipal Canteen, our hired jeep arrived to transport us to the Autobus Banaue Terminal. It’s bye-bye Sagada for us, but WE SHALL RETURN!

At exactly 6 o’clock, amidst the thick crowd of AB commuters, we validated our tickets and to my surprise, we were ushered to our bus… transfreezer AB 701!

But no, not the Cryogenics of AB 701 dampened the warm 8lien spirit. As for me, I truly am a genuine Sagada Survivor… and AB 701’s! Brrrr!


New Year’s Day. Yes, our calendars turn to 2009 and apparently January 01 is also the Natal Day of our beloved CEO/ CTO, Mr. Meric B. Mara.

Fortunately, we got the Admin access to our 8layer CMS of our website so i can freely upload my blog and toast our boss on his birthday :-).

What has New Year, Meric’s Birthday and My Blog title have in common, what is their “connectment”? Let me doodle this…

Well, I suppose that most of us still do write down a few of our resolutions to be better this year and to achieve goals that we ought to do. These could imply changing some of the habits or perspective that we had… (ayan pasok na iyong isa ha… )

As for Meric’s Birthday, this unstoppable guy also makes sure that before the clock strikes twelve, he has already noted down concrete measures and strategies for his personal goals and of course for all of 8layer – and i definitely mean for all of us.

He jots down for each 8lien, targets and what to improve in order to create that fully meshed goal for 2009… (i.e. LTR Zambales Syndrome). Apart from these notes, he has likewise shared to me his revolutionary ideas translated to our revolutionary products and services (look out for this… ) that can really impact CHANGE…. (ayan, pumasok din).

But seriously, Meric’s works and views for IT in the Philippines and for those who wish to learn Open Source is simple. Staying focused on improving the things and tools that initially worked for you having in mind your goals and that learning does not start nor stop in school. Mind you, he was able to teach all of us at 8layer plus a farmer and a messenger, linux and asterisk (i’m pretty sure most of you are smarter than us that learning linux won’t be difficult…) . And so with his simple views and passion to share, IT in the Philippines can change…

  • Change in the way IT Practitioners view and take on Technology responsibly as their tool and part of daily of living; not only for themselves but for which they share their being IT Practitioners.
  • Change in the way Organizations perceive Technology as something beneficial to them, if only they give a few time to learn the ins and outs of varied platforms.
  • Change in the way Organizations demand from Technology, in the same way that they should require from themselves involvement and immersion in the process of making applications, tools and devices work for them.
  • Change in the way we view Technology.
  • Be Changed for Openness. But first, be open to change.

Tracy Chapman’s lyrics is very descriptive still of the how large majority of IT Users (whether individuals, or schools, or organizations and companies) heed the call for change in terms of Open Source Technology use in our Country….

And as our CEO/CTO, Birthday-Guy and Linux Guru says, “There’s No Battle, It’s Linux, It’s Open Source”…. So i sing, “Finally the tables are starting to turn Talkin’ bout a revolution”


by Jaja del Rosario
November 10, 2008 – Monday

There were a lot of NEWs that happened at 8layer. We transferred to a new office. We started using our new corporate image. We have new team members. We got a new 8lien baby (Hi Sophia! I bet you’re a creative whiz like your Dad). Juancho comes to life. We forged new partnerships (here and abroad). We launched new products and solutions. We contributed two of our solutions to the Open Source community.

Whew! And those just occurred during the last three quarters of this year.

While our venture on bundling our new solutions to the recently IBM-acquired Lotus Foundations is ongoing, another hurdle is on the road.

We just made a go for the Philippine Web Awards, and our site, this VERY SITE, is a semifinalist.

Yeah, we’ve heard and read things about the past controversy and the hounding issues on the 11th Philippine Webbies. When we told our friends about us joining the PWA, often we were asked, “Why?” and our answer, “Why not?”.

We just made a go for the Philippine Web Awards, and our site, this SAME SITE, has gone semifinalist.

Winning the 11th PWA, though sweet to the imagination, is still yet to be seen. Somehow, we hope to bear witness to this controversy-ridden awards that was worthy enough to get a cynical comment from Simon.

Nonetheless, if you’re to be the judge, will we pass the “Design, Content, Usability, and Functionality and Technicality” criteria earning us a vote from you? If you do, we urge you:

1.Don’t vote via SMS.

Spare your P2.50. Send a how-are-you sms to your loved ones instead. Reply to a client who’s been asking about a project update or feedback. Text a thank-you-for-the-bonus-you-received message to your boss. Connect with your long lost friends.

2.Register and VOTE ONLINE!

Go to the PWA Register page and once registered, you can vote one site per category. You can register here or visit this link http://www.philippinewebawards.com/pages/register.asp.

One note of caution though: Be sure to tick the radio button beside the site of your choice because once you click “Ok” on the window prompt, there’s no turning back. No way for you to see a list of sites (per category) and do a batch confirmation for your selection, no final validation, no turning back.

We just made a go for the Philippine Web Awards, and our 8LAYER site, DEFINITELY THIS SITE, is now a semifinalist.

And we want to know what YOU think…

But if you’re eager to spend that P2.50 for us to vie for the People’s Choice Awardee, the choice is still yours.

I suck in relationships… i admit that and however i try and believe in love, i fail.

Love becomes meaningless in a relationship when there is fear, doubt, distrust, disrespect and inconsideration…

Love becomes meaningless when, and/or becomes pointless when it becomes an effort for you to be understood and understanding takes a toll of unpleasantries….

Some 5 or so years ago, i learned to stop hating stuff about the world we live in, the life that i had been living, being calm at a lot of things and decided to just cheer up and say nothing even when there was something… it was easier (especially on the heart)…

Love is a good thing, when there are no expectations…

Love is a good thing, when you love unconditionally (even without being loved back)

And there is really nothing wrong about Love (read Corinthians) …

love and spread love…

But first learn to love yourself so you can give more of yourself and love….

I really got a lot on my hands and still coming and counting… and scary, a plenty on my mind… After a hearty meal of ginataang tilapia and ginisang gulay, and a glass of hot coffee, i figured to stop,snatch a 5 minute break and breathe a while to pen this down.

All soul’s day is coming up, and i supra miss my father… (tatay). I got my being bubbly from him and his being sociable… Then, when he rides the cab, he chats with the cabdriver and amazingly when he got off, he practically knows the former’s life story and my father could make them cry and he gives them a piece of his life learning as well.

I never got to see nor heard my father complain about the world, his life and living… i never heard the word… “problema” or did see him angry or shouting. The times I only saw him crying, was when he was seeing us perform when we were kids and when he first laid eyes on his grandchildren…. Of course, he had his share of downs, lapses and misfortunes but never not once, have i seen him complain nor be depressed/ regress to live.

I have so much to thank for and am more fortunate than most people (id like to believe)…. but sometimes i digress and it’s because i think a lot… i think a lot that sometimes i forget to enjoy life…

I think a lot and make do a lot to make this world a better place to live in (but for who?… ) but i forget to feel good and make good about myself… instead i feel exhausted.

I need to learn not to grow old while growing up….

I had to experience and learn that thinking too much (even in sleep) gives me so much stress, aging, hurt, pain and illness…. worse, i tend to sway from my multi-colored/ multi-faceted perspective to a black or white picture of the scene.

Serious thoughts, issues, heavy my obligations and responsibilities there may be for me… the more laughs, smiles and worry free times i should stack up, pile and burst into to live my life to its fullest.

I need to learn to be easy on myself…

Who would love someone, who hates himself/ herself? … that is one thing that comes out of my mind, when i begin to despise or ridicule my own being and becoming…

I need to learn how to really and easily shrug off things and brush them aside and better leave them all behind…. id love to be a kid again…

I need to learn to live a worthy life…

P.S. Tay, miss kita … kung nakaya mo, mas kakayanin ko.